Digital Generation DG back to normal?

Is it really true? the news all Digital Generation DG been waiting for? or is it another new news that will keep everyone feel better but payout will probably not going to happened anytime soon since there are indication that more work need to be done. The fact is that some users has been getting payout, many has not either due to high payout, high risk country, and off course Digital Generation DG does not have enough funding for it, which some people speculated that they uses your money to invest in a high yield ┬áinvestment program to get the money and pay you, if this really happen it’s still a good thing, they seems to succeed.

Anyhow, based on the news below, indeed good news, better news I should say. If I understood the email correctly, they said all members, so even if you’re in a high risk countries including USA payza, you are now unfrozen and can start requesting payout, but they recommend egopay and pazum. Pazum Egopay really? – many members has been requesting via Paxum and egopay but their request has been pending over 1 month, how is true? Previously, DG also mentioned that they will fund or had funded their paxum account with money to make payout, but probably only handful of people get paid and those people that have $4 or $5 request payout, while people invested in 100s threads never got a penny, and these are the folks that paid thousands of dollar for investments but never got a payout. Hope this new news below indeed is news that all members been waiting for. Even a week from today is fine, just deliver what promised is all members need to know to think positive about Digital Generation. When people think positive, they will spread the news and get more people onboard and thus coingeneration will make more money! simple concept.

Paxum, EgoPay & PerfectMoney
We’re happy to inform all members that major issues regarding payment issues were resolved today. DG is fully re-charged to make another step towards future improvements and we’re working hard to catch up with old tickets addressed to billing dept. starting August 6th.

We kindly ask you to be patient as we are going thru the list of “missing payments” made via PerfectMoney right now. If you still have an issue concerning your payment please address your inquiry to [email protected] Due to extremely high volume of payout requests, which occurred today once all accounts were unblocked for payouts, we suggest to use Paxum and EgoPay for withdrawals until we receive our remaining balance from Payza to raise the payout limits. Last but not least, standby for our next update and please remain positive as we are almost done putting all things together as needed.

Thank you for your continued trust, your patience will be rewarded.

Digital Generation Support Dept.