Who’s lying? Newsweek? or Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto?

OK so Who’s lying? Newsweek? or Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto? I’m sure all of you Bitcoin enthusiast out there by now have heard or come across that one story article written by Newsweek about they have found Bitcoin Founder “Satoshi Nakamoto”. A couple days later, today actually, CNN news and AP, and many other news media especially technology news want a piece of it.

As of now, the question remain, did Newsweek lied? misunderstood what Satoshi Nakamoto was saying about Bitcoin? Or did the real Satoshi Nakamoto lied initially just want to be famous or lied now that he was and or he is. It’s hard to say, put both of them on the lie detector test. Well, the truth is, I think both sides would like to get fame, became famous one way or another.

All this time, I thought Bitcoin was created by the Government FBI CIA officials, and they simply blame it on some guy name Satoshi Nakamoto. So as of now Newsweek stand by their story saying Satoshi Nakamoto admitted that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto and the creator of Bitcoin. However Satoshi Nakamoto told AP that he want to make it clear that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto that Newsweek were talking about, he is not the Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, although his name is Satoshi Nakamoto. This Satoshi Nakamoto has a simple life, he was an engineer, now retired, live a very simple modest life style, for sure he is not rich, or ever been rich. So I think my personal opinion is Newsweek got the story wrong, just by exaggerating a few words what was heard and make it a big story, Newsweek writer are really taking risk on this.

Newsweek, someone will get fired! your credible reputation will get dropped soon if you don’t get your act straight! The man Satoshi Nakamoto already said he is not, and you Newsweek still said that he is. Newsweek, your writer that woman whatever her name is appear on TV interview, I and probably many others can tell that woman is not being honest, maybe she was assigned with a project to look for the real Satoshi Nakamoto and time was running out, and if she don’t publish the story she might loose her job, is this could one possible reason why Newsweek writer are doing this? Shame on you Newsweek! Honestly of all news media is the best policy! you’re just taking risk! once again Satoshi Nakamoto said he is not and was not the Bitcoin guy, so change your story!