Jobs that requires no degree college education

There are hopes for you all that was never able to go through college, dropped out, or flung, or just totally hate schooling, and sometime no high school diploma required either. Although there is hope, but don’t expect to get pay a lot more than average college graduate with at least a BA/BS 🙂

However you can also be like Bill Gate, invent something 🙂 he also dropped out of college but succeeded on his dream and similar story with other successful entrepreneur. You can also write blog like me, I only started a few months ago, but kept the momentum going, and updating daily. I rely on Google search engine and other search engine to list my site in search result and attract readers to go in my site and hopefully they find something interesting and click on the google adsense advertisements, don’t expect to get rich, but enough money to keep me going writing blogs. So, without any further delay here are the list of jobs that requires no education college degree. Entry level, starting pay salary.

1. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk* $34,030

2. Electrician $48,250

3. Insurance sales agent $46,770

4. Legal secretary $34,660

5. Loan officer $56,490

6. Payroll and timekeeping clerk $33,710

7. Pharmacy technician $28,400

8. Police, fire and ambulance dispatcher $35,370

9. Real estate sales agent  $40,030