Bitcoin BTC Litecoin LTC skyrocketing when will it fall or will it?

If anyone follow news and development on Bitcoin and Litecoin, you will know that the price skyrocketing all time high. Both of these crypto currencies are working side by side, 100% exchange rate.

Bitcoin, it is no longer feasible to mine with CPU, IPU, GPUs, USB Eruptors and even FPGAs, you really need to have BFL > 60 GH/s in order to get ROI and make money due the rise in difficulty of mining. As of today now, 600MIL previously was 500MIL, as you can see every 10 days it move up by 1MIL. The alternative to BFL is KNCMiner, Avalon I have heard much anymore. The new Teracoin or Hashfast new bitcoin manufacturer came out with developments on a faster and cheaper silicon chips, but many grew skeptical because newer company might be in a SCAM mode taking advantage of the popular Bitcoin price to trick and fool people paying pre-order on equipment that will never exist, they will take your bitcoin and run away, just in case you don’t know Bitcoin is irreversible.

Litecoin, people can still mine today with GPU, and in fact GPU is the only equipment you can really mine bitcoin effectively. As CPU is no longer feasible, you will be paying more for electricity than making money mining Litecoin. FPGAs is another alternative but not working well either, and ran into ROI problem, you will spend more and will not be able to recover your ROI effectively. So GPU is best for Litecoin LTC scrypt.

Other crypto coin mining exist, but it’s not popular and you will not be able to find exchanger that will exchange your other coins to Litecoin to Bitcoin to cash. Only Litecoin and Bitcoin easiest to exchange to cash today.