Bitcoin BTC mining Slush pool appears to have problems last night

Something caused most of the GPU miners to go offline, various errors, connecting problems, errors and to being connected but got error message with “”unknown encoding idna”” can be references hereĀ

Is this the end of GPU mining Bitcoin? the reason I say this is because I have combination of USB Eruptors and CPU miners, and while GPU miners encountered no impact, the GPUs most if not all encountered the error code above. This probably mean GPUs are dying and going away and probably pool operators are gearing toward ASIC miner and so on, since I don’t see any of my 15 USB eruptors had any problem connecting at all, maybe it did but got reconnected when pool system back to normal while the GPU for some reason stayed on connection errors status.

Anyhow as of now, if we do a stop and start it will be back to normal. No more issue, but this connecting error problems had happened in the past with slush pool and I’m sure probably with other pool as well.