Digital Generation are now on E Cloud hosting servers

With all the errors people are getting they visited such as the famous 503, and it’s still happening, people have hard time clicking and get to the page they want, even refresh don’t help in some cases. Even buy threads or transferring funds to available balance don’t work. I’m pretty sure this is a temporary problem, as already mentioned in the homepage they’re doing maintenance and transitioning and so on.

One thing I would like to reiterate is that, in the homepage, if I read it correctly, the latest in fixing payment problem is next week. Meaning, they posted the latest news yesterday on August 8th 2013 Thursday, next week mean the week begin on August 12th 2013 Monday, this mean it could be Friday August 16th excluding weekends. So please be patient, don’t ask for status in the chat room, it’s clearly stated, if by next week on Friday and problem still persist then people can get upset and loose trust.

Even if you loose trust there isn’t much that you can do, sure you can yell raising your blood pressure and harming yourself. Why not think positive than negative. One person in the chat room mention this and it does make sense: Let say you have a car and it’s broken and you have no idea what happened to it and so you took it to the auto repair shop and the mechanic said it will get fix by tomorrow and so he thinks. However tomorrow came and the mechanic still trying to fix it the problem was due to additional problems and parts not readily available at his shop or nearby spare parts department. So the delay was caused by that, but for you and most people all you care is about getting your car today based on the estimate, you don’t think of what really happening in the back ground.

Sure you say it’s a ponzi scheme like many others, you already know the definition of the ponzi scheme, why you invest in it and know that one day it will disappear? Many other sites clearly stated that they operate in a way that tied to a ponzi schemes in such a way that you invest $500 and you get paid 100% of that amount in 30 days, how they pay is by new investors investing taking that money to pay you, and as the deposit is less than the withdrawal then the operation fell apart gone with the wind.