Digital Generation latest news communication also known as Digital Generation, just released another news update on the situation with payza and payout. I have to say that they’re pretty consistent on the communication, which is good. The last communication they promised to try to have credit card processing in house by today 7/24, now delayed due to negociation with banks failed, they extended to end of this week. I wonder if they failed now what would make them succeed in the next few days? Just like the paypal promise, by June 15th but it has been over a month and still no paypal nor any further communication. In addition payza had dumped them, and as a result they frozen all payza related transactions lately, meaning these account will not be able to request payout, and no ETA, could be 180 days due to payza pending investigation, and maybe longer. However the good news is you still earn money but cannot and probably possibly will never be able to request payout if your account is frozen. Some users reported that it make sense to froze latest payza account transactions, but why froze all account that have payza related transactions, again just pure speculation for you to think about.

Anyhow, if you go to chat room, you will see over 600 users in there, and most are complaint about payout and services available to use alternative to payza. No longer see people asking for activation and free threads, probably due to the fact that appears to be iffy, will CG or DG survive? they can shut down if they want to, just provide reason to do so, remember this is not a real company or a registered business, they addresses you see on their website are virtual offices which anyone could rent for $100 a month. Not registered business, as far as people researched and resulted in no such registrations nor anyone in the office addresses on the website. However many people sees it as a big return on their investments and they just put thousands of dollars to buy threads and here they are today, account got frozen, who knows when if they will ever get their money out. This speculation could be wrong, determine for yourself, read latest news released below.

Payza, Withdrawals and Recent Events
Due to the recent events with Payza, we find extremely important to keep everyone informed on what happened and what is going to happen in the next few days.

We have set a date for today, the 24th of July, for implementation of our own gateway for deposits and withdrawals without using a 3rd party, but due to negotiations with banks, we will have to extend this period until the end of this week.

Note that Digital Generation will have its own processing gateway AND 3rd party gateways, to suit your needs.

Payza refund request and Current Situation

If you bought threads since the 16th of July and you would like to request a refund of your funds, please address Payza through this link.

You can also read more information on how to do it, here.

Note that users who request refunds will be unable to withdraw any earnings until we receive a final answer from Payza.

Your account will be in a “frozen” state, in which you will still earn from the threads you have from previous purchases, but no option to withdraw will be available until the dispute with Payza is closed.

We do not want to cause Payza any problems with the recent events regardless of their actions in which could and would result in several million loss.

Recent Events

As of now, we are funding our accounts, and resuming pending payments requests for EgoPay and make sure every user is paid.

Make sure to check your e-wallet often.

Truly yours,

Digital Generation