Digital Generation payment will be back to normal by this Weekend Friday?

Well, that’s what the Admins from the Digital Generation are saying, and people are indeed excited and very happy about it, they have been wrong before and wrong lately. Let’s hope it’s true, even by this weekend is good if payments request payout are indeed back to normal. One thing people would ask coingeneration to fix is the amount that user can request payout, having such high dollars payout is a big problem for merchants processing the payout such as paxum, egopay and so on, it is the reason probably why payza shut the door on coingeneration due too many transactions and the company is really not well known, although payza indicated unlimited transactions but I’m sure there’s a limit in ┬áthe fine print somewhere.

If indeed Digital Generation DG, I can happily say that indeed is good! 5 months of working good, half a month to a month bad! Will have to see this week end. This is not the first they said it will work in the couple days, this has been going on for nearly a month, if they fail to meet this promise I think they should keep the communities of users up to date what they’re really doing to rectify the problem. Otherwise it will fall apart no one will buy threads, loosing their reputation and other competitors will be using as bad business models and example of failure and ponzi schemes.