Payza situation coming to a closure soon based on latest update.

Just in case you missed the update on Digital Generation alo known as DG, not related to the real company Digital Generation that have Nasdaq stock ticket, it’s the same company. Based on the latest update below posted on the homepage of account. It indicated on August 23rd, is the new account setup with payza and will pay members, isn’t that good news? That’s positive.

OK so, here’s the negative, too many update, too many longer and longer update, in term of pushing it outward, what will happen on the 23rd of August? will there be more problem on the 23rd that day that they will use excuse again to push it out longer and longer? remember the update they have about having their own processing service? well that didn’t happen.

In conclusion, I think everyone should stay positive. Support coingeneration because they are updating the users what’s going on, although no real solution no one gets paid for over a month so far.


Payza: Congratulations to all !
Situation with Payza is almost resolved, we are setting up a new business account to resume payments for all countries. All limitations will be waived as soon as our balance is transferred to the new account. We expect Payza to finish their background and due diligence checks of Digital Generation to complete our business account verification by August 23rd.