DigitalGeneration DG CG Support_DG chat log new members must read

As of January 25th 2014 11:30PM EST

10:00:26 PM Mrppt: hi everyone
10:01:04 PM Mrppt: im starting to wander if they will ever pay us
10:01:22 PM Xivix: DG fuckee everyone ?
10:02:05 PM Maninhopower2013:
10:03:53 PM Xivix: Although we have been doing everything possible to sustain payouts to all our current members, the total daily amount of payouts has exceeded our capacity
10:04:44 PM Xivix: They bot our pc’s .. mine btc and fuck us …
10:05:05 PM Xivix: we know their i.p. blockchain .. that is track
10:06:14 PM Xivix: DG will be fucked soon .. time for handcuffs, tatoo’s ..and raped in the ass..DG boys.._*_
10:06:36 PM Xivix: let them run – cloak and hide
10:09:37 PM Mrppt: why are they trying to reinvent the wheel when they should be doing what they said fixing things before they move on to the next thing
10:10:36 PM Xivix: Mrppt, they fuck us.make money an go big
10:11:02 PM Xivix: they fuck us – make money – go big
10:11:10 PM Mrppt: only thing ilost was time thank god
10:12:22 PM Mrppt: Xivix, i pulled out everything i put in $150
10:13:36 PM Mrppt: Xivix, but one ofmy team members lost his wife because of the sh-t
10:13:41 PM Xivix: Larry / Mark / Victor .. they fuck us
10:14:08 PM Xivix: Coder of client in Florida
10:14:20 PM Xivix: full business
10:14:32 PM Xivix: Interpol knows all their shit
10:14:48 PM Xivix: -*-
10:15:07 PM Xivix: we will see who ZzzzzZzz
10:24:34 PM Daflip_21: Mrppt, hiya just got back, just had dinner
10:38:05 PM PAYING BIZ NUMER 1: hi
10:41:06 PM PAYING BIZ NUMER 1: wheres money for founders?
10:42:11 PM Mrppt: Daflip_21, ok welcome back
10:49:35 PM Rxishad: 1
10:50:18 PM Rxishad: I invested in more than 20,000 U.S. dollars
10:53:00 PM Duckets: Rxishad, wow! that’s a lot!
10:54:08 PM Maninhopower2013: this is the last day the dg. the dg farce thanks all
10:54:32 PM Rxishad: But I’ve recovered 16,000 dollars, and there I went back to the 4000 U.S.
10:55:03 PM SeRious_SAM: test
10:55:14 PM Duckets: Rxishad, how did you get back the $16K?
10:55:31 PM Duckets: did you make it back from Threads?
10:55:31 PM SeRious_SAM: Now lets all cry over this shit.. lol
10:56:09 PM Rxishad: I am a new user, I can withdraw every day
10:56:43 PM Duckets: Rxishad, really….hmm, then why can the rest of us not withdraw money from DG?
10:56:46 PM Maninhopower2013: good for you. is not the case for all
10:56:50 PM Rxishad: Yes, the thread
10:58:10 PM Rxishad: Yesterday paxum2 is green, I withdraw $ 3,300
10:58:53 PM Rxishad: DG next week still green
10:59:36 PM Duckets: interesting, so they must be prioritising who they let withdraw and who they don’t
11:00:07 PM Duckets: Rxishad, are you expecting to withdraw the rest soon?
11:00:27 PM Duckets: Rxishad, it will be interesting to see if they let you withdraw your profits too….
11:00:38 PM Duckets: you haven’t even broken even yet…
11:00:43 PM Maninhopower2013: dg not last a week and the site will be off
11:00:45 PM Rxishad: DG If you do not give new users quit, then no one will continue to invest, not the founder of the investment, it is difficult to withdraw founder
11:01:37 PM Rxishad: Oh, anyway, I withdraw once the capital on the back, close the door does not close, there is no relationship between the
11:01:48 PM Duckets: what or where is paxum 2 anyway?
11:02:20 PM Rxishad: If DG normal door, so every day I have been making money, which is invested
11:02:55 PM Duckets: Rxishad, you’re not making money (profits) until you pass your $20K investment
11:03:20 PM Duckets: Duckets, that’s 400 threads…you must have lots of computers 😉
11:03:20 PM Rxishad: I do not care DG have closed, at once withdrawn, I’ve got it back, I did not close the door on the loss
11:03:48 PM Duckets: Rxishad, lets hope you don’t lose,,,let’s hope you make profits too!
11:03:49 PM Rxishad: Duckets, I have 10 computers
11:04:24 PM Duckets: Rxishad: you got a lot more money to play with than I do too
11:05:00 PM Maninhopower2013: but most people in this loss
11:05:37 PM Duckets: Rxishad, you’ve got 7 grand left to go,,,to break even…then profit after that – hopefully
11:07:19 PM Duckets: Rxishad, scary! good luck!
11:07:34 PM Kerguru2: DG IS VERY BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:13:02 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
11:13:12 PM Cumile: hi the stocksdg com working?
11:14:56 PM Teosanru: hi
11:15:41 PM Duckets: how are people able to withdraw money on yellow light?
11:16:50 PM Cumile: Duckets, virtual only nobody get payments
11:17:48 PM Cumile: we are all making just virtual money lol
11:21:34 PM Teosanru: hello, no one has been paid?
11:22:11 PM EnGaWy: is that possible?????????
11:22:27 PM EnGaWy: DG is scam
11:23:05 PM EnGaWy: i’m new but from what i saw here,i’m worried
11:23:07 PM Teosanru: having more than 10 threads here
11:24:16 PM TMOFF: hi
11:26:19 PM Teosanru: I am also new here, and I’ve invested so concerned comment