For days now Digital Generation disabled payout for certain users

*** I would like to make a correction to this quick blog, blogging without thorough research! 🙂 – Basically the reason for some account can no longer request payout due to the fact that did mentioned, some users whom had been requesting payout or payout already gone through via payza, these users might or will not see the request payout temporary, doesn’t make sense, but that’s what coingeneration email stated. The plan to have credit card processing by 7/24 hopefully, by then hope to get the request payout for all users back to normal 🙂

Many users reported that for days now and possibly to a week now that many users cannot request payout from Digital Generation. It appears that some users don’t see that request payout link on the payment page, it was purposely removed by Digital Generation for some reason, not clearly stated. For a few other users, they can still request payout.

This could be the fact that had ended it’s business with Digital Generation. Why? simple, unknown business, high volume transactions, might be the factors. It was speculated that eventually all third party payment link to CG DG will have similar impact as payza, payza took it offline before others services because payza was the most populat payment requested. The next one could be Paxum, Perfectmoney, or Egopay, that are all they have now. Not sure if the Electronic Fund transfer is working though, if it does, it doesn’t state how much the fee would be and how long would it take.

Coingeneration did mentioned that it’s working on its own creditcard payment system, I believe it’s credit card for taking your money only, not payout! so there is no reason why so many coingeneration users cannot request payout, the reason is plain and simple, the end of coingeneration coming soon, any account that made large balance, coingeneration will hold the fund and will not answer any complaint questions you have, and nothing you can do about it! they will hold on your to your funds giving will not answer your questions, tickets or chat room complaint, they can hold it for weeks months and possible half a year then goes offline, nothing you can do about it. It would be a waste of time and money if anyone tried to sue them and if that’s even possible anyone lawyers would look into it, maybe get the FBI involve but it could take time and by then already disappeared and started a new business repeating over and over again.

Will see how it turn out in the next couple weeks, if it will last for a couple more weeks. LOL again pure speculation by many people and bloggers on the internet.