[SCAM CLOSING] Coingeneration.com SUPPORT_DG don’t feel no shame

It’s funny to see those SUPPORT_DG in the chat smile and laugh at the members. Deep inside them they know what to expect of coingeneration.com DG already. On multiple occasions SUPPORT_DG confirmed that they don’t spend a dollar or any money at all with any online investment programs. How they make money was to refers people and earn from the referrals, let them suffer. It’s clearly indication that they don’t trust any online investment programs and coingeneration.com is no exception. They’re smart, and most other people aren’t.

When asked about coingeneration.com HYIPs, SUPPORT_DG they responded and said, coingeneration.com isn’t like those HYIPs out there. So is this mean that they’re worst than those HYIPs? many people wonder. Because what make HYIPs bad is when they stopped paying, isn’t this what coingeneration.com are doing? they stopped paying. What make HYIPs bad also is they disappear without a word, a quick death for the members. Well, look at coingeneration.com even worst! a slow death for all the members, many smart people already know that there is no way coingeneration.com can pay the backlog of payments, we’re talking about up to the million dollars, there is no way, this would be a big money laundering problem, people need to realize this, but off course they’re not paying at all so don’t hope that they will.

People need to realize coingeneration.com is a scam on its last few attempts to get more new members to buy threads, trap them and get them to spend more and refers more people and the process keep on repeating, the cycle continue. Sadly nothing can be done to force coingeneration.com to shut down or get arrested or  make them pay. People need to realize what they’re getting into. A few good long lasting high yield investments program such as the after90days.org disappeared with its last word on the website “hacked” just a reason for saying good bye, all of you got scammed, and guess what? everyone looses money, because the payment processors they’re using is irreversible, one way money processed no such thing as refund or file complaint.

In the chat room, still people are asking silly questions, questions such as when payment? when bank transfer complete? very silly questions that they already know the answer, “soon” “we’re fixing that” well! it’s been four months come on now! how stupid can people be? coingneneration.com are now only aiming for new investors, the one that stupid enough to buy threads without doing proper research about coingeneration.com SCAM system.

Then a few people questions about payments https://coingeneration.com/payment/last/  one users was able to withdraw money every hour, SUPPORT_DG chooses to ignore the question, because apparently it’s fake payment, payment was made by bots or already configure as payment just a label. This is another way for coingeneration.com to attract new stupid members buying threads joining the program.