Be careful with online purchases for no interest promotional offers at homedepot

I don’t think this only happen at homedepot as I believe it occurred on other online store as well, maybe at the physical store also. What happened was I saw a 6 months no interest promotional offers at home depot if I purchase over $300, so I went online and off shopping to build a large cabinet with force air system to cool my Bitcoin miing rigs super hashing computers. So I total the purchase to $320 and checked out and came to home depot and picked up, then went home and assemble it successfully.

Now today when I go online to check my home depot credit card to make sure the balance is correct and the promotion being activated, but guess what? that doesn’t happen. There wasn’t a promotion and my purchase was splitted in half for some reason, so that’s probably why I didn’t get the 6 months no interest promotion. So immediately contacted homedepot credit card, via secure mail first, then withing 30 minutes later (yeah they responded fast) they responded and said they combined my purchase and I get the 6 months no interest promotional offer.

So, the bottom line is, don’t trust anyone words, don’t trust any written advertisement, always confirm, although in this case it might not be on purpose that they splitted my purchase and I didn’t get the promo, but they will get it corrected ASAP which I like, just a waste of my time and their I’m sure, I don’t think they’re in the business of cheating the customers.