Nose pimple hurts and so irritating destroyed my quality

Woke up this morning and have pain side of my nose, it’s not something I didn’t have before, but indeed it is so painful right on the side of your nose, it hurt if you touch it, it hurt if you breath hard through your nose, it hurt if you blow your nose poke pick your nose lol, it hurt if move your nose being funny. Worst of all, it’s all read and the shape is different due to it being swollen.

Bottom line, it’s not friendly, it might cause you to have a bad day. To me, I don’t know of a permanent cure, but I know it might be something I have eaten the previous day to get it, could be something spicy, salty, different taste, kind of like an allergic reaction.

So, what’s the cure? many I guess. My first one would be water, drink plenty of water to flush it out :), or eat bitter melon soup, there might be other remedies, but I doubt any medication over the counter or under the counter can help much.  However I do see yahoo question and answer on this topic indicate below of the cure:


Cure for Really Red Pimple on side of my nose?

I recommend using a tea tree soap bar twice a day. Then after apply Tea Tree Oil. It is natural and the oil is an antiseptic so it kills germs on your skin. It doesn’t dry out my face or clog pores. I have been using it for a few months and my skin is 100% different. Make sure you use it everyday. You will see results in a week. You can buy it at health stores and one brand I use is “Thursday Plantation”. It is about 15$. I highly recommend this practice. Good luck

red nose pimple pain hurt like hell irritating how to cure natural remedies

red nose pimple pain hurt like hell irritating how to cure natural remedies

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