Waze app can help you drive more safer?

There’s an app out there, I believe for both Android and Apple IOS call Waze. There are many other similar App like it. Just that Waze attracted the most users.

Waze basically like GPS but with enhancement which allow you to interact by tapping the icon on the screen. Now this could cause some distraction on the road, but it’s just simply a tap, some even think it’s helpful to keep driver alert and awake. Well the Police have mixed reactions.

Law enforcement some say it’s putting Police at high risk that link back the COP killer in New York, that person killed the COPS have Waze app installed but did he used it? I don’t think it’s that hard to find COPS in New York, they’re almost everywhere.

Google got mixed reactions and mostly pointing out that the Waze are actually helping users to be more alert and drive slow when an alert saying COP is ahead or nearby. In fact I think this can be helpful to locate the nearest COP for help.

To me, Waze is somewhat similar to car Radar detector. Although Radar detector were banned in many states but I don’t think a COP would know you have radar detector in your car. Basically that Radar Detector in your car will detect nearest Police card by COP car radio frequencies and off course if the COP is using Radar to check your speed, this included the standalone speed checker mounted on a pole with camera. Not sure if anyone still using Police Radar or anything to that effect now a day, maybe that’s why Waze is so popular now.

With this news about Waze, just made Waze more popular and I can see more download will occurs in the next few days. Although the App is free, I think they gained some benefit such as advertisements. I think a good app, just like any road app, use with caution, stay away from road app that required you to read or interact by typing while you’re driving. Road app that have voice recognition or text to speech are perfect! tapping the screen once in a while is acceptable! 🙂

Google Waze app was use to kill COPS in New York

Google Waze app was use to kill COPS in New York