Cointellect reputation has been ruined failure to deliver what they said

Let face it. Bitcoin impacted many related crypto currencies business. Cointellect isn’t one, but it just that Cointellect have decision maker from their team, if they even have a team by now that is.

As of today, anywhere you search online, google search for cointellect, almost everysite that talks about cointellect most if not all comments by real members users would indicate Cointellect having problems paying. This is a fact, not make up or exaggeration. The bottom line is as of these days, Cointellect IS NOT PAYING.

If you didn’t follow my blog on cointellect scroll back or go back and read the 11 things Cointellect did wrong.

I urges people to contact their bank credit card company and dispute the amount invested immediately. There is no way Cointellect can make anymore payout, what they’re doing now is just putting bandage on so they continue to get flow of investors but it’s not working, so most likely they will disappear just like Look at the Bitcoin price, no way bitcoin can gain momentum up to $300-400 in the next few weeks or month based on its trend, and Cointellect already confirmed they got impacted by the Bitcoin price whether it’s true or not, or just taking advantage. For those that invested in Bitcoin, your money is gone, no one can help you, even if you sent support@cointellect email don’t exact anything, in fact they might be laughing at you for being ignorant, just like many others you got scammed by an unknown online business just like

For those that the mine on Cointellect Pool, it’s best that you switch to another multipool that pay realistic amount, not made up algo or logic like Cointellect Mining Pool. On top of that Cointellect mining pool has many problems for few months now by manual intervention from the operators.