As expected and playing game with the users

By now many people with account with should have received at least one or more email from Isn’t that interesting? somehow have all of member’s email to send out this email below.

Once again, people please ask yourself this question. How does got your email? Most if not all of you never registered an account with, so how did they get your email to send out the email below? Very simple answer, they are one! they operates under the same person!, the same intention!, to play game, to kill time to come up with new ideas to scam more money. However as many people exposed their scam activities, their plan to scam more money no longer working, however know this! they will not give up, they will keep trying and trying new things, they will not stop.

Let’s talk about the email that sent. It was indeed very professionally written, probably hired someone to do so, or the person him/herself with higher education, very smart, very intelligence instead of using his/her intelligence to help others, scamming them/us instead. ┬áThe first statement they said, they’re in business since 2011, I would love to see record of this, help corporation? are you kidding me, how stupid do you think we are? A real corporation is a registered, regulate business, why would they want to do business anonymously with

Secondy domain was registered “Creation Date: 2012-06-17T07:02:37Z” That’s just over a year ago, and claimed they operated since 2011 what a joke. You want proof? Look at my earlier blog, on proof that domain someone posted a freelancer job for $30 to $250 to design website. A business this cheap huh? wow helping a corporation business, and only have a budget of $30 to $250 to design website would love to hear respond on that.

Anyhow, this come as no surprise, although not exactly what I have predicted that they will scam more people when people move their money into, will play game like HYIP, consistently completed the transaction, then eventually stop exchange and run away, again nothing anyone can do about it. These are anonymous group, using stolen identity fake anonymous proxy server presence on the the internet difficult for authority to track.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014
Subject: Clarification of Issues – IPU Services

Our Company, Anony-Pay has been in business since November of 2011.

Throughout that period of time, we have assisted literally hundreds of corporations and individuals with their financial affairs, being from simple payment exchange to funds transfers to investments. We have never suffered a negative earnings period in our existence.

In all of our prospective work, we perform due-diligence to assure a mutually acceptable relationship between parties. In January, we were contacted by Idle Processor Utilization Services to perform such an examination to determine if our firms could work together, namely, to have Anony-Pay act as a payment gateway for the services that Idle Processor Services, Inc, provides.

We will not go into any specifics at this point as to the financial reasons, but Anony-Pay has decided NOT to provide services to Idle Processor Utilization Services. There should be no speculation as to why, other than to know that Anony-Pay has decided with finality that it was not in our best interest to do so. Add to this the fact that we were advised seven days ago of a Merger between Idle Processor Services and a similar company, and we were simply unable to commit to this venture.

We do not necessarily feel it is our position to inform you of these circumstances, but it was made clear to us that no other parties involved planned on informing you, the client. We felt it our moral obligation to send this missive.

There will be no further comment regarding this issue from our office. Any questions should be directed to Idle Processor Utilization Services at [email protected]. Emails sent to Anony-Pay in this regard will be ignored.

We wish you all the best in the future.
[email protected]