Michael Papp Allentown PA Pennsylvania IPUServices.com looking for you

Michael Papp of Allentown Pennsylvania PA USA. Are you to tied to IPUServices.com commiting fraud crime online? We’re looking for you.

For everyone whom got scammed by IPUServices.com, especially those paid by Western Union, I would like to hear from you. Who picked up your money at which Western Union branch? I understand that anyone with a valid ID can pick up at Western Union location, it doesn’t necessary has to be in the same city. This is a good case to start with. Anyone else uses Western Union to pay IPUServices.com Scam? speak up, will help you out. I will create a separate category to keep track and will report to the authority getting Western Union to react and start the investigation once we get enough names.

Subject: IPUS scam
Message: How about encouraging readers to report IPUS scam to the American Police/FBI/Internet crime squad? I made a payment via Western Union, and this was to a certain person \’Michael Papp\’ of Allentown, PA, USA. Western Union said that if they were approached by the Police, they would release details of the transaction, as every person receiving monies has to have an offical ID check. So the more people report IPUS to the police in Allentown, PA, could there be a chance of an investigation?