Cointellect doing selective payout proving to be fraud SCAM

Just in case you’re wondering what’s going lately? Well it’s the same thing that Coingeneration were doing during the last couple of months of running away, although website are still up, sort of, and to proof that these people can scam you and nothing you can do about it, they continue to so again and again.

In the case of Cointellect at the moment, payout are pennies and to selective groups of members. These groups of members are new and potentially will reinvest, or invest with bigger money. Each members are now being managed individual, Cointellect have a system of analyzing to predict if the user will reinvest or invest again, if so, the member will get paid.

For cointellect members that already gotten their ROI (return of investment) back already, chances are you will never going to get paid again. For Cointellect members that have large investments paid via Bitcoin, your chances of not getting paid is higher than those that invested in Credit Cards, because with Credit Cards as more and more people are reporting dispute of fraud by Cointellect will shut down Cointellect credit card merchant account, will not hurt them much, but at least now an indication of fraud and filed with banks.

I got a message from cointellect members confirmed that his referrals got paid, but not him. This Cointellect member just purchased a contract lately too. This is to confirm that Cointellect are doing selective payout. Cointellect is a SCAM if they’re doing this and apparently they are doing it, just like Cointellect will be just like Coingeneration.

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