Does lie detector really work? does it lie?

lie detector test polygraph test lie fake setup how to beat it and will be able to use in court of law due variations

There’s a show on TV call “The Maurry Show” I don’t think I spell the name correctly though. However there are similar show that uses lie detector, “Steve Wilko” and “Bill Cunninham” I don’t think I spell it right either. Anyhow, I watch these shows once in a while, during my lunch break, 15mins break time and so on. It’s interesting that they uses the lie detector and in additional to the interview and I’m fascinated by the reaction of the person who didn’t pass they lie detector test, the majority admitted, many just stunned and didn’t say anything, and off course there liar that keep on lying saying the show is a setup and the lie detector is fake, however some admitted later in the show that they lie. 🙂 So to the point, does lie detector work? I would say yes to certain extend, where the person didn’t try to beat the machine, the person didn’t take any drug or alcohol before taking the test, the person must be relaxed, clear minded and the person whom ask the question must ask it clearly ensure the person took the test understood the question, it’s not like your SAT or college school exam where some question could be tricky. Many government agencies are giving lie detector test to their employees but it is not widely use in the court of law, but it can be use to reference. I think lie detector can be improved but should not be use solely to determine the guilt of the person or whether he/she lie or not. The Maurry show all base on lie detector test, follow by the Steve Wilko Show, and then the Bill Cunningham show.