Ebay buyer seller u-knok-h5rllvh scam fraud

Just a heads up to ebay community, actually directly from ebay community forums. This ebay user name u-knok-h5rllvh has been scamming many sellers and buyers. The ebay seller name is u-knok-h5rllvh, also seller name as u-knok-h5rllvh. The name on the address appears to be Kamolchanok Umnajkitikorn, a very strange long name seems to be Asian, address in Davis California.

Many sellers talks about this ebay person. The latest incident tied to this ebayer u-knok-h5rllvh purchased an item from a very good rating seller, fast shipping, carefully packaged. Ebayer u-knok-h5rllvh received the item fast, and immediately open a case complaint to ebay that the item is defective, does not work at all, and want a full refund, no mercy, no trouble shoot attempting. Basically the item was received and right away a case was open to get full refund. The case was for an item that is next to impossible to go bad unless was cut, smashed purposely, yanked, pulled hard,  shorted … other than that it cannot be defective that easily. Noticed that the seller immediately responded to the case, no choice but refund immediately and ask the seller u-knok-h5rllvh want another one tested? or if u-knok-h5rllvh need help testing troubled, but total silent. In the end, ebay policies allowed buyer to scam sellers with no mercy. Not much the seller can do but refund and ask for the item back, but in this case, u-knok-h5rllvh did not even send the item back.

So folks be careful of ebayer such as u-knok-h5rllvh, not a very good buyer or seller for that matter, potentially a scammer fraud many people already by taking advantage of ebay buyer policies for defective item. It’s not easy selling on ebay, only a few succeeded, many failed due to bad ebay buyer taking advantage of buyer protection, in which the seller have no choice but looses money, on top of that rating impacts.

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