Google Adsense earning are less at the beginning of the year and more at the end of the year

I believe I have talked about this last year also, can’t quite recall this. Anyone got google adsense account earning money with their websites, do you noticed that at the beginning of each year, you start out earning less than what you eared the end of last year. It could be just me though I’m not sure.

Anyhow, google adsense among one of the best pay per click or pay per view as well for your websites. If you have a blog such as this one, you can talk about anything, and I mean anything except don’t post any illegal software movies etc. for download, and nude photos, you know better! stay away from those. Just writes, and I mean keep on typing away, this is the best way to gain traffic. The more traffic, the better. The more traffic, you get more chances of earning a lot more.