The safest way to store Bitcoin for long term investments

So for people whom are still mining, able to afford to mine paying electricity without cashing out a singe coin for cash, then it’s best to think about how to keep your Bitcoin safe, in an offline machine, paper wallet. Here is a good video to do so with Armory.


As many people know Bitcoin value price had dropped dramatically over the past few months from $1000, down to $800, then $500, then stable at $400, but dropped down to $320 at one earlier last night. AS a result mining for profit for daily trade not profitable anymore. People are selling their GPU mining rigs instead of bitcoins. The Bitcoins miners have now or people whoever are still mining are keeping their Bitcoin, holding on to it.

Holding Bitcoin could potentially get hacked. Hackers are good at stealing it, look at Mtgox for example. Mtgox no longer exist, everyone whom have Bitcoin in Mtgox loss all the Bitcoin.