[SCAM] coingeneration.com more lies PayPal, Instant Verification, Kiosks

I hope that nobody is falling for coingeneration.com latest lies. Paypal is back, instant verification, Kiosks, so many good news huh? Well it’s a lie. Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG, are notorious on lying. Their well written news come with a catch, it doesn’t come true as many members already seen it the past. Always lies, always make up stories, that is coingeneration.com strategies to motivate the members but never commit to it, if they did then it’s a fraction of what total commitment to do.

First of all, if people take the time to look at the domain registration of coingeneration.com and see that the domain hasn’t been renewed yet, it will expired in a few months September 2013 to be exact. So what kind of a business wait until the last minutes and still haven’t renew their domain yet? Yeah sure, you can say that domain is no big issue, they can renew it when it expires no problem. You don’t have a problem with that?

Back to the news released. If we look at the historical posts of news released, all of coingeneration.com news written effectively and professionally. This is their strategy to motivate the members, whether to stay calm, whether to get motivated and invests more, or whatever, it’s in the news released. In the past, what in the news released never came true, such as payout resume, payza issue problem even when resolved non of the members get pay at all they changed the story to invest into DG stocks which never happened trading platform was a trick, a hoax. Many lies lied had been committed by coingeneration.com anyone whom believe whatever coingeneration.com promises to do on their news release must be an crazy, I don’t want say idiot, but some may say so.

The news releases, simply to move motivation, to bring people back, and more news released following to trick some members into investing, to refers investors, some strategy coingeneration.com have impossible for many to do such as the Bitcoin Kiosks ATM machine locations installations. Trick you to buy the Bitcoin ATM machine for $3000 and have to be paid via Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? because it’s a a completely one way transaction, once you moved your money Bitcoin to the recipient, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reverse or ask for a refund. Come on people face it, if you want to spend $3000 for a bitcoin machine, why don’t you contact vendors that are legitimate and you pay via credit card, bank transfer with receipts or refund possible, and complaint possible?

Chat room closed. So, have noticed the chat room are gone? Although they say temporary to discourage spammers? Come one now, you have staff? why can’t they discourage spammers? Well, the truth is, it’s not about the spammers, but more of the members talks negatives in the chat room, 99% of the people in the chat rooms talks negatives, gave negative feed back, these are genuine facts, the truth about coingeneration.com operations. Coingenerations.com got exposed of being a scam greatly based on chat room feedback from actual members users, so in the end, coingeneation.com decided to shut down the chat room saying because of spammers, but in reality the truth is to prevent newer members from seeing the truth about coingeneration.com SCAM operations. The chat room I don’t think will even be open again, unless coingeneration have new tricks paying pennies to older members to motivate further investments or scam I should say, then closed chat room again once they finished scamming more money.

Blog moved to new facebook coingeneration fanpage. Have you noticed? blog.coingeneration.com redirect to facebook coingeneration.com new fanpage, that’s right a new fanpage. So why didn’t they use the old official coingeneration.com facebook fanpage? simple, because the original official facebook fanpage has too many true negative feedback about their scam operations, and most likely that facebook original coingeneration.com  fanpage will get closed down soon, and replaced with the new facebook fanpage. I hope people are not falling for this, getting motivated.

Coingeneration.com actually mentioned two newer social media sites page for them, replacing the old ones since it has too many expose on its scam operations, so they had to open new ones, and eventually these will get exposed also, however they may put on control on it and delete negatives true feedback. Twitter.com/CoinmachineSI

Paypal! oh yes, it’s back, but noticed 7 days waiting, before any initial payout can be made, but again, could be longer and longer just to kill time, yes kill time so that you will loose the 45 days maximum time you can open a dispute with paypal.com https://www.paypal.com/va/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/article/?solutionId=FAQ1901&topicID=OPEN_A_DISPUTE_CA&m=TCI

Paypal have a 45 days where it’s possible for you to open a dispute to get your money back. So let say you pay to coingeneration.com today 4/12 and coingeneration.com don’t pay you until at least 7-10 days later, you only have 35 days to file dispute. Now in this 35 days, if you invest $50, most likely the maximum amount of money you will earn and get payout probably $30, so you’re loosing $20 for every $50 investment you make. It is impossible for you to dispute or file a dispute with paypal because it passed the 45 days period paypal allow you to dispute. So now coingeneration.com can stop paying you, they pocket $20 for every $50 investment you make, if you invest $1000, then you get back about $600, and coingeneration.com pocket $400 and they can stop paying you. However if it is true paypal is back, don’t try to outsmart them, they have more tricks in their sleeves than you may know.

Bottom line, too many lies, I hope people are not falling for this attempts, and could be final attempts before domain coingeneration.com closed down completely, scheduled on September 2014.

PayPal, Instant Verification, Kiosks
We have resumed accepting PayPal and would like to let you know that due to security reasons all PayPal transactions are subject to manual approval by our processing party. These measures have been taken to minimize the potential character of high risk transactions that are associated with PayPal payments. Payouts for DG accounts funded via PayPal are available after 7 days since the date of initial deposit or upon approval by our billing department.

To make the existing verification process more efficient we’ll be switching from SMS and manual verification methods to a better alternative which you’re all used to. It’s the same logic PayPal is using when you add new payment cards to your profile – a random amount in between $1-$2 will be placed on hold for 24 hours. Once you provide us the value of exact amount that has been charged to your card funds will be released back to you following the change of your DG account status to being verified. We experience an extremely high volume of manual verification requests at the moment and consider new method to provide us with a solution having verification process to become fully automated and instant once and for all.

Those of you who have missed the jumbo party at the debut of our BTC-O-MATIC in Slovenia are welcome to come see it in action anytime at Dunajska Cesta 119, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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