What not to do at a work place, these mistakes can cost you your job

Every responsible adult now a day should know better, although some first manager level or department you’re working in might permit it or tolerate it at a certain level. For the majority, don’t make these mistakes below, don’t over board if you want to keep your job, or get the promotion you want, or get higher pay and have a good image for the company. I know a lot of people want to mix pleasure or fun time with work, but ensure to set your limit, what not to do, keep that ┬áin mind. Below are from one of the email I got today from simpletuition.com and I think this is very helpful to know below.

Don’t just work. Work smartly.

Getting a job isn’t easy, which is why you should take care to keep the one you’ve got. Long-term employees stay on good terms with bosses and co-workers by avoiding the following office faux pas:

1. Gossiping. No workplace should feel like a high school, with rumors flying. So zip those lips and keep the conversation cordial.

2. Bragging. Simply put, bragging is not a good way to make friends. It’s an even worse way to exert authority. At best, bragging leads to envy. At worst, it leads to resentment. Neither are good for office morale.

3. Going solo. Lone wolves in the workplace are off-putting, especially in a team environment. That said, taking individual initiative often brings new ideas to the table. It’s all about balance: be a go-getter but remember that business is a team sport.

4. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink or spoiled food in the fridge. It may see like a small thing, but leaving a mess in a public area is indicative of general disrespect to the office at large.

5. Talking too loudly on your phone. Question: Is there anything more annoying than a co-worker who rambles on the phone so loudly that you’re forced to listen to every conversation they have? Answer: No.