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Look like this is a new online business opened back in June 2013, so far has over seve thousand users and added daily 150+ or so users. There isn’t any proof of payment yet probably due to the low payout they have, appear to be pennies per day, but the amount you make not really just based on running ads, but on your referrals, and how much your referrals is making, you get 10% commission. I think this is great, you basically don’t have do anything, just download the program, and run the little ads, never have to click from I see and you generate some VE points, this VE points can be converted to cash, and the VE points convert to cash varies based on market condition I guess like stock market, in this depend on how many people purchased the ads or join the programs. View & Earn

So highly recommend to make a few bucks a month, will help with electricity for your laptop. You can join clicking on link below, will work together toward the future.