There isn’t much to blog about same old things

What a Monday, I’m glad it’s over, hope to get a good night sleep before starting a Tuesday tomorrow and the remainder of the week. Part of it, all my free time, I spent on the internet, researching, mostly reading about ways to make money online, and there are so many ponzi scheme out there, although some claimed they’re not, but the way they operates appears to be. This was based on the definition on the Government FBI website, and I’m sure across all nation in the USA.

Hey a motorcycle look fun, should I get one? I don’t even know how to drive, my cousins has it, looks fun! showing off more like it. Oh well, maybe not for me, but I would love to learn how to drive one 🙂 wondering if I will ever have that chance.

Back to the free time I spent on the internet beside blogging this crap. There appears to be tons of ways to make money online, and mostly tied to Pay to click, PTC, but the payment sucks! not even a penny, $0.01, that’s not even one cent, are you kidding me, probably good or developing nations such as Vietnam, they will be happy to make $1 a  day for clicking, if they have a computer that is LOL. Hey but look on the bright side, if you have 10 accounts that’s $10 a day, hey but what if I have 100 accounts, WOW that’s $100 a day but hec how am I going to manage 100 accounts a day, my finger would go numb for clicking LOL.

Back to not much changing, people are being banned in chat room for asking same old related question in which they know they will never get answer, most likely up to 180days if it’s truly the cause due to Payza slammed the door on, therefore causing slammed the door on its users no payments. It does make sense and does not make sense. I thought I heard didn’t have all the funds in Payza, why then have no money to pay its users? weird. Another thing is, how long does it take to implement new payment? all of a sudden that went quiet, look like total failure and all in Chat room discussion and update was Admins only activate threads everything else Admins doesn’t know beside banning the users forever from chatting in the chat room.