IPUServices.com coming out strong and I believe Coingeneration.com can beat it if they really want to succeed

The communities has been watching IPUservices and Coingeneration, it appears that IPUservices are coming out strong and so far so good on the updates and answering people’s questions. This could have been the case with coingeneration.com where they are so active and then a flaw in their system, payza all of a sudden without warning slammed the door on coingeneration.com suspended activities and hold all funds for up to 180 days for investigations. Up to today it’s been almost a month, no one get large amount of payment, people whom ever get payment probably in single digit dollar such as $3 $5 and so on. It appears that IPUservices.com been monitoring Coingeneration.com activities and making sure they don’t into the same problem as Coingeneration.com byt fixing or foreseeing this issue and have a fix on it such as only payment when it reached $50, can’t just request any amount of payment, I believe this should work, payza probably closed down on coingeneration.com because or odd activities too many request although payza saids unlimited transactions but I don’t believe in that word unlimited in this case.

Anyhow, the bottom line, I strong believe that if Coingeneration.com Digital Generation is legitimate as they said they are, they can beat IPUservices but they need to work hard and to resolve issue and keep on communicating update the users daily, be more transparent, realistic. Apparently coingeneration.com has not been updating it’s users much lately leaving users in the dark to make speculation and assumption, and they have the right to do so. The homepage of coingeneration.com isn’t robust, their old posts updates disappeared and not easily be available for users to view, in some cases users know to click on the blog to read the update, I think the blog link should be somewhere in the middle of the homepage not the menu bar. I don’t recall any other business online as coingeneration.com, so it appears that they’re the first, and they can succeed if they really want to but it has been very iffy for them.