What you see in the news today? “Americans ordered out of Yemen”

Terrorist are attacking, they are back!? at least that’s the question. Evidently they are back, and looks like our spying program work? – you betcha! What are people afraid of if they’re not doing anything wrong, you are already being spied on by your spouses, by your boy friend girl friend, security camera everywhere, foots prints on the internet, whatever website you browse google already have that kept and so on and so forth, so what the F are you afraid of? let the government spy, it’s not as harmful as you think, it’s all for the benefit of protecting you. I highly believe that spied has been around since human kind existence, there has been improvements and enhancements, if spied from US department or other trusted departments then not worry too much, if spies are from outside of the regulated department then you should be worry, such as from a hackers that want to harm you or an intruders, but we’re talking about a trusted government source that are trying to help and protecting you, at least they’re trying! F the stupid people don’t know about this, and you don’t agree with me, you got issue with your life that you don’t want others to know.

Anyhow, that’s just my opinion!