How to work and watch your kids at the same time?

Well, today is my oldest daughter in first grade began her 2 weeks Christmas and new year vacation. I have another 4 years old, two girls I guess they’re not as bad as two boys, but still, it’s not easy. I work remotely, and normally only have the 4 years old to look after and it’s not as bad. When these two girls gets together, they start trouble, big trouble sometime, yelling, screaming, fighting, breaking things, bothering me, and all that.

So how do I cope? I got my own ways. What I did was create a todo list or schedule for them. In the morning when they woke up, they will have breakfast and watch public TV, then play some computer game, and then the oldest one go to a quiet room to read her books, then watch a little bit of TV again, then snack, then practice piano, then lunch, then TV, then computer, then snack, then study on the computer, then dinner, then wash up or take shower then brush teeth, then read again then go to bed. Off course they don’t like it, but they will get used to it and will follow that schedule. A little bit of discipline.

The younger one sometime pick on the older one and took toys and things from the older one, need to keep eye on them. The older sometime pick on the younger one also, taking stuff from her, to deal with it have to explain and keep on explaining to them so they understand.