Online web contents language translation are terrible

I guess it doesn’t matter whether it’s google translate or bing translate, they all same if not similar. Take an example, I was on facebook, my friend post a Vietnamese article in Vietnamese, then I saw a translate to English, and tried to read it and I have no idea what it talking about LOL, then I re-read the Vietnamese version carefully and noticed google and bing translate so stupid, sorry to say.

I guess free stuff isn’t great, it’s either at development stage for improvements by using us as guinea pig to improve their programs or software. I would give it a thumb down for website contents translator, it confused the hec out of me, it seems like it’s taking word by word from a dictionary, no intelligent logic at all. Web contents online language translator thumb down bing and google even though you’re the best! 🙂 but you got a long way to go!

Here’s sample translated from vietnamese to english, if you’re Vietnamese you will realize it’s inaccurate and very confusing in English, and if you’re English person you wouldn’t understand what it talking about LOL.

Vật Phẩm Phong Thủy –
Nhà nghèo, ba bệnh nặng nằm viện.. Mẹ dắt em lên thăm thì bị tai nạn trên đường..
Tay em vẫn còn cầm ổ bánh mì nguội lạnh chưa kịp ăn..
Em sẽ ra sao đây, ai sẽ giúp em..
Cuộc sống thật mong manh, số phận con người thật bé nhỏ..
Một Like để chia sẻ và cầu chúc em luôn được bình an..
Poor House, three hospitalization, serious illness. Her mother up visiting, an accident on the road.
Child’s hand still holding the wheat cools not eat …
What’s here, who’s going to help me.
Life is fragile, human destiny’s little kid …
A Like to share and have always been at peace. (Translated by Bing)