Associate degree that can earn big bucks if you can’t get a BA or BS

Ever since we’re young and started school, through high school our parents and other older adults many if not all of them recommend us to complete school and go to college to get at least a BA/BS degree, many would continued on and get even higher degree such as Master or even or PHD. Well, that’s their recommendation, and doesn’t really always happens that way, many graduated from high school a few dropped out of high school due to various reasons from being teenage parents or just trouble maker landed him/her in jail and never even completed high school.

Well, don’t feel bad, it’s not too late to go back to school and get your GED then your associate degree that can earn you big money. Then continue on to higher degree is you wish. An associate degree I don’t think it’s hard to get, if you have time to or can prioritize your school as higher priority you can do it.  Yes, community or junior college does offers Associate degree, and that’s the highest degree they offer anyways :). So what should you major in? in order to get good paying job? pretty onvious! Accounting, but let’s look at all the top ones below.

1. Accounting up to $100K starting

2. Nursing $65K

3. Information technology $60K

4. Applied science over $90K

5. Paralegal studies $46K

6. Medical and dental specialties upper $50k

7. Electrical engineering starting $35K