Is smart people turning crazy quick because they study too much?

Latest update today from the news media. The shooter whom shot and killed over 20 children students ages 7 to 10 at Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary school appears to be a smart student, 7 college courses while he was in high school? man! I barely passed high school with a very low GPA, however I did study enough to earn a passing grade though LOL it’s not like I’m being lazy or did something else in high school. Back to this shooter his name is Adam Lanza, ¬†appear to be a quiet guy according to one of the person whom attended school with him, he don’t even drink and obey the law? he was asked to go have a drink by his friends, but he said no, he’s only 17 …. sheesh! such a good boy huh? WRONG!

Maybe a good boy, a good honor students, smart in school, but sick in the head somehow, probably not enough interaction with other of his peers, some people live well without any friends or peers, some does not, as this example Adam Lanza.

The other problem that I can’t understand is, why does his mother, a school teacher, she was not a teacher at that school by the way, this mother is a gun enthusiast, has tons of guns and ammunition, and trained her son to shoot target practice! hello!!!! gun is to kill, I don’t consider it as a sport, as a matter of fact, I don’t recall the Olympic have gun as one of the tournament. Gun rifle weapons related are to kill to harm, why would a mother would do that!?