Is Bitcoin mining still profitable? July 2014 onward

The short answer is: NO. Mining is no longer profitable, unless you have a large mining farm data center, and I’m not talking about the small one that you run in your large basement or garage or even your whole barn house whatever, it just not profitable anymore. The fact of the matter is that the difficulty had risen to high you would need super fast mining rigs that cost a fraction of anyone individual person can obtain. I’m talking about the actual manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment. They’re the one who can mine and make money, not the individual person like you and me.

This goes the same for Scrypt mining, not just Bitcoin, SHA256, Scrypt, Scrypt-n and so forth. It is no longer profitable, totally not profitable for individual. So please don’t try to hurt yourself, and say that you’re doing it as a hobby, or you don’t care because you get free power but it hurt someone else’s pocket. Bitcoin BTC Scrypt ASIC mining now a day just not profitable anymore. Only large scale data center can profit and better to let them run the show.

If you still want to have BTC Bitcoin, it’s better to buy directly from The Exchange or ebay etc. If you’re thinking about spending investing money on mining equipment and you only have up to $10K, it is still better to use that $10k to buy Bitcoin, instead of mining it. It will take you 6 months or more to get the same amount of Bitcoin you have immediately with $10K buying it directly. So it’s better to buy Bitcoin directly, you will have the Bitcoin immediately instead of mining. Mining no way you can get the same amount of Bitcoin even in 6 or more months. Again I urge you to buy Bitcoin directly instead of mining.

Same with scrypt coins mining ration. Is scrypt coin mining still profitable? NO it’s not, just like Bitcoin