Gridseed miners 5.2mh/s not working correctly? check your power volts going into the device

I have five Gridseeds 5.2mh/s, and one of them didn’t work well. It totally stopped working a few days ago. Then after I got the power outage, power back I tried the fix it and found that the PSU computer power supply that I use feeding too much volts into the gridseed.

The PSU I have was a CoolMax 1000 or 1200 watts I forgot. I use the PCie power, and I measured the volts appears to be 19-20 volts that’s crazy, suppose to be 12 volts, I don’t know what happen. So I swapped with another PSU and measured the volt a different PSU and indeed the voltage was 12 volts max, not sure why the other PSU feed so much power.

It was fixed, good so far running the gridseed at 825mh/s mining happily without any major issue so far, will see it will last. I think it should. The problem was the other PSU just feed way too much volts. Supposed to be at least 12 volts to probably 15 16 max, not 20.