[SCAM FRAUD] Topcapitalist.com is scamming people’s money website still up

Do not invest your money on hyip (high investment program) topcapitalist.com This website has NOT been paying for about over one week and they will never be able to come back again. The reason the website is up is because they’re trying to get more people investing via EGOPAY PERFECT MONEY and other payment processors that is irreversible!

However with STP (SolidTrustPay), if you’re lucky and topcapitalist STP account still have funds, you can report to [email protected] to get their account frozen and hope 6 months later you can some money back, but no guaranteed. With other payment processors such as Perfect Money and EGOPAY, totally you cannot dispute, no such thing as refund or reverse, only one way money going and it’s going to topcapitalist pocket and you will never be able to get it back. You can still contact egopay and let them know topcapitalist is a scam so that they can frozen the account, but the money will never go back to your account. That’s how bad Egopay and Perfect Money is. All gambling! You’re out of luck.

What you can do only is to broadcast this message or create your own message so that people can be aware of this SCAM by topcapitalist. It is the fact that they no longer pay, and did not answer any questions people have, for over 1 week. In their final attempts in additional to stealing people’s money they also attempted to steal people’s identification by sending all the members “verify” email to mail in their personal information such as bank statement, ID card, social security #, passport, and the sad thing is that many people sent them in and their mail box was filled exceeded quota. I do feel sorry for those people that sent in those personal information as they’re getting fooled, now their identity is stolen, and be sold online black market for more money, and then your life will be miserable with these personal information being leak sold to hackers to do harm to your financial crimes, can also be worse committing violent crimes under your name.

OK again, be careful. NEVER EVER send any personal information to NON-REGISTERED LEGITIMATE Financial online website, if you don’t know if it’s legit or not, call your local yellow page or do some research, Bank Institution is registered with the Government or Local State. Don’t be fooled.

The alternative now if you still wan to invest and profit with high yield investment is through another one, similar to topcapitlist, but need to be new and invest safely. My recommendation now is Geniuscapital, they’re in business for four months, and their website very professional and most likely will live as long as topcapitalist or even longer. However my recommend is to get in now fast, and get out. Then use the profit you make to reinvest compounding, but set your goal to make $1 a day $10 a day etc. and then put the rest in compound, this is the safest way, so even if the website goes scam, you’re not loosing as much money. Don’t be greedy, and don’t think that OH They’re so legit let me just dump whatever I have and get it back in 15 days or a month, DON”T DO THTAT unless you can afford to loose all those money. Highly recommend Geniuscapital.

Genius Capital Limited