[NOW PAYING DG Stock Founder] Coingeneration.com has been paying it’s DG Stock Founder position

Coingeneration.com also know as CG, DG, DigitalGeneration, has been paying it’s “DG Stock” Found members for over a week, looking good. Although the sad news had passed, but they are indeed moving forward. Some may say, they are scamming people. The DG stock position, stocks will never be able to be sold by members, it’s just merely a set up to have some fun. The DG stock price being manipulated or make up by the owner, set whatever price or she like, but most likely it will continue to move up and up and make your stock value look so high that it will motivate members to spend and recruit more people. Then perhaps 3-4 months down the road from today, they will repeat the same cycle.

Bottom line, the good news is “DG Stock” members being paid, all of them and maybe it’s true the fund will be available for the next 2-3 months, but then what will happen after that?

Bad news for people who haven’t convert to DG stock FOunder position yet. If you have not convert to DG Stock Founder position, most likely you never get paid. This is so call “manipulating” method of doing business. Although it doesn’t seem like it, but you are being forced to a “have no choice” but to buy the DG Stock FOunder position if you want to get paid. I highly recommend people with only a few dollars, at least $10, to buy the DG Stock position Founder, and then invest in more threads and get paid instantly.

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