Social media is a tool and also a weapon depend on how people use it

Social media I think is a tool that anyone can use either for good purposes or bad purposes. To an average users, what they would do is post and show off what they have, a few will post what they think thought of certain things either aggressively, and some fewer than less would use it to see what people are doing where they live, when they will not be home and so on, for what? to rob them, harm them, do bad things to them, rape, murder and so on. This is not funny! it’s the truth dpend on how you use social media. There isn’t much control over it.

Some countries such as China and even Vietnam government tried to control the use of social media exploiting the bad side of the communist government although it’s true in most cases, some cases are just exaggeration, all negatives that’s the problem, why would be do both positive and negative? maybe there’s only one side? Anyhow, with technology and world of hackers looming around the corner everywhere on the internet. Be careful what you’re doing on the internet, you could say that you’re not doing anything wrong so you’re not worrying of government spying on you? OH YEAH? what if it’s not the government spying on you, but hackers are spying on you so that they steal your identity and so on, yeah you can say your bank and stuff will take care of it, but it will give you a lot time waste to fix.

So be careful what you’re doing on line!