Payza is given a lot of trouble for many business online

Not only Digital Generation DG, but now many other online business now also encountered problem with payza. The latest one is just launched a few days ago last week, now encountered problem with payza, see message below from

From: Lionbux LTD <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 1:45 AM
Subject: No issues with Payza Withdrawals

Hello Everyone, This is a quick update to inform you that Payza withdrawal processing are been delayed, this is because we would like to contact payza support team today to do manual verifications on some of the large deposits we received. This is nothing serious, we want to make sure we don’t run into any issues with our payza account. Withdrawals in all other payment processors have been processed. Thanks, Walter.

This is the same problem encounted, and hasn’t been paying people for a month or so, although their latest update indicated they will pay in full in the next coming week which is end of this week by August 18th 2013 Sunday, hope this is true. Now encountered similar problem and they send email email to the community asking them not to worry but, eventually there will be more email updates and sooner later all money stuck in payza. Many business call payza a scam, a big scam, payza targeted big account to hold the money for up to 180 days, imagine if they hold 1 million dollars and use that money on ponzi scheme or invest in some other funds so they can profit it to themselves. Imagine payza holding up $10 million, how much money they could make within 180 days, so maybe indeed payza is a scam! and many online business already noticed this and they’re not using it. So be careful when you use payza, indeed the cheapest is not always the best!