People are reporting “Waiting approval” from to get a payout

It appears that are holding user’s payout by placing a “Waiting approval” on their payout, some users reported for days and no resolution or respond from coinggeneration or so call Digital Generation. Is this an indication that some account might have a lot of money and so put a hold on payout for it? or is it just that it was flagged for further investigation due to cheating? will find out soon enough!

There’s a forum that discusses about coingeneration, specifically one thread¬†¬†Argument whether it’s real scam or real or not LOL. Anyhow, I think the problem many users encountered when requesting payout “Waiting approval” could flagged suspicious activities where will do investigations and suspend your account and possibly take or keep your money don’t matter how much you got in there $1 or $10,000 gone with the wind, because you violated their TOS by cheating. Hopefully this is not the case, and the users get money back. Stay tuned.