[Improvements] IPUServices.com released it’s version 2.01 of the software and appears to be better

Just in case many people does not know. The version 2.01 has been released. It has many fix to known bugs and appears to calculate better # earning. It’s kind of silly every since it got released. The earning version 2.0 has loading error, and those that were able to run it noticed their earning disappeared one day, when asked to support, support no longer active or provide a workable solution or a direct answer. However the bottom line is they’re working on it, improving and fixing it.

If it all go down to estimated earning of $1 and the computer was idle 24 hours and the earning indeed $1 then it’s good. If the earning is 5 cent, then there is something wrong.

If the earning on the software client side indicate $1 earning, but when log on to the website, it didn’t sync, then there’s a problem.

I think that there are still a lot of improvement needed. What the community want to see if update consistently from the owners or Admins or whoever in charge, that would give user some reassurance. Just be honest, be transparent as indicated, don’t repeat the same mistake other site are making.

In conclusion, basically I see improvements and I’m happy to encourage people to join IPUServices and visit my blog here often for update.