[Paying to Founder account type] Coingeneration.com continue to pays its DG stock holder also known as Founder

Coingeneration.com members whom purchased the DG Stock with all their balance emptied will get paid daily with their 1 thread + dividend. It isn’t much, but they are paying. Despite the fact the members loss all their 4 months of earning being manipulated to buy the DG Stock in order to get the Founder position and get paid again daily.

Many people left the chat room, no longer active. Used to have up to 700s people, now sometime only 20 people and up to 100 the most. Most people left the program, there isn’t much the members can do. There are still many people still hasn’t purchased the DG stock Founder position yet, as they are skeptical, but they didn’t think hard enough. If you don’t buy the DG stock you will never be able to withdraw money. Once you purchased the DG stock, do not expect those stocks are real and you can sell it one day, that will not happen. Just get paid daily with $10 for most 99 thread people for 4 months didn’t get paid. It’s like from starting from square one, the beginning, basically you loose 4 months of earning on what ever threads you have, just do the math.

Indeed, it is lies that coingeneration.com has been giving it’s members. Did not deliver what promised, on top of that using manipulating method forcing its members have no other paying choice but to buy the DG Stock, emptied their account, and start from square one with one thread. Very manipulating. Very smart. The members being fooled and who knows what’s next, let’s hope that for 2-3 months people will get paid at least, then what happen after that we don’t know.