Big storm hitting NorthEast including my area

Just received an email from Verizon Fios business. Since I have a business account, I think they also send it to non business customer. Just in case it goes out, which impact this website as well because my server are hosted from home, I do have back up power and so on, but never know though.

This storm appears to be big, so will see, although I have received similar messages about big storm but in the end it wasn’t big or big but did not knock out power.


From: Verizon Services <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 6:50 PM
Subject: Important storm-related updates regarding your Verizon FiOS service
Dear Valued Verizon Customer,
In recent months, the East Coast has certainly had its fair share of significant weather events. As the latest winter storm unfolds, Verizon has deployed resources to support areas that could be impacted. Unfortunately, power outages are the most common weather-related issue our customers experience.  If you should lose power, below are some important tips about your FiOS® service:
In the event of a power outage, your FiOS® Internet and/or TV service will not be available until your power is restored

If you have fiber-based voice service or FiOS® Digital Voice, the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) that Verizon installed to support your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) supplies up to eight (8) hours of corded phone service

Should the battery in your BBU cease to power your corded phone, you may still be able to make an emergency phone call by pressing the blue Battery Emergency Use button on your BBU. This should enable your ONT to reboot and provide up to one hour of additional talk time

Once power is restored, you may need to reset your ONT or reconnect/replace the battery to restore your FiOS service(s)

To Reset Your Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

Unplug the electrical power cord of your Battery Backup Unit from the wall outlet
Wait one minute and then plug the cord back into the wall and see if the ONT resets. If the ONT resets, then your FiOS service(s) should come back online. If not, please try to reconnect the battery according to the directions below

To Reconnect (Or Replace) The Battery In Your Battery Backup Unit (BBU)

Unplug the electrical power cord of your BBU from the wall outlet
Open the battery cabinet on the BBU (you may need a screwdriver to do this)
Disconnect the battery leads and wait 10 seconds. Reconnect the battery leads
Put the battery cabinet back on and then plug the power cord back into the wall and see if the ONT resets. If the ONT resets, then your FiOS service(s) should come back online. If not, you may need to replace the battery that Verizon provided.

For up-to-date information throughout the storm, please visit from your computer, smartphone, or wireless device. This site will allow you to create a repair ticket, find additional help for troubleshooting or restoring your service, and download our Verizon In-Home Agent which provides you with fast, easy solutions.

Please stay safe, and thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.


Your Verizon Team

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