Watch out for construction truck and the driver got some maniac out there

This morning, as I took my daughter to the bus stop, the school bus usually come a little bit early like 2-5 minutes the most and she usually park in open space. The open space this morning have a big construction truck trailer loading a small crane into it’s trailer for transportation I think, I saw the construction work still checking and securing the crane as the bus temporarily park in the back of it, I’m not sure if the bus saw the construction truck activity but I know for sure the bus driver that trailer was park lights off engine off, but I know for sure the construction driver notice the bus for sure. As I observe, 2-3 minute the bus schedule to pick to the children at the stop, the construction driver appears to rush the bus out of the area so he can go first I guess, but the way he communicated to the bus driver with hand gestures and rushing her I don’t think it’s being courtesy to others especially a school bus, why you need to rush? can you wait another 2-3 minutes this construction trailer with the crane on it is in the Oakcrest area Coatesville PA, supporting Ryan’s Home builders I think, don’t like that construction driver decision making at all.

The construction trailer could have wait, since he already communicated to the school bus driver, so he back up and there were a bunch of car waiting, and he has to wait anyways, stupid decision he made, Ryan Home builder, where did you get these people to build your homes? at least get some courteous people, respect the existing neighborhood, especially children school bus driver, be a little more courteous. I don’t have a problem with construction people but I do have problem with people who are not being courteous to others and ┬ámaking wrong decision. If i re-call back correctly, there was one incident while back a construction truck hit a school bus, at that time was an intersection the school bus red yellow light was flashing, and the construction also have it’s yellow light flashing, so who has the right of way? to me I think it’s the school bus and the construction truck should have been more courteous, I’m not saying who’s right and wrong, when it’s a deadlock or tie, communicate!!!