Today is September 11th 2013 few years ago 9/11 here in the USA we remember 2,977 died on 9/11

For many people in the USA, many if not all would know about the Septemeber 11th also known as 911. At this time I was at home working from home to be exact, I turned on the news channel, and there it is, all the TV channels broadcast the horrific event that happened in New York, I was in California by the way. I could see and felt what those people endure at that moment, not only the folks that are inside, but also outside even far away. Up to today, even I’m a Christian, a Roman Catholic, I can say this, bring all those that involved in this attack to justice, let them see the people they killed, the family members that have loves one killed, and those that are involved must face the consequences even death! If I were to be involve, I would ask for death penalty as well.

Anyhow, although it’s so long ago, but I think it still hit us, even though we’re not there and we have no one that we know there that got killed or injured, this is an attack to the nation, the whole United States. George W. Bush did a good job and did the right thing, invaded countries that support the terrorist, and yes indeed wiped them out slowly and in the end killed Osama Bin Laden, and including hanging Sadam Hussen. Now we’re slowly withdrawing troops back to America. Terrorist still exist but be assure that we can destroy them with our high tech military equipment including those drones can be operated remotely. Talking about drones, people say it may kill innocent people, but I can tell you this, if you put a drones there, it will kill 5 innocent people but saved 50,000 people, saved 100 military personnel, save the world from being terrorized by these terrorist, which one you pick? your choice.


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