At last my Butterfly Lab BFL 30gh/s miner fulfilled meaning it will ship sometime next week I think

However this is a joke though. I placed the order back in March 2013, and Butterfly Lab said they will ship it the following month, how about two? nope ! didn’t happen. Today is October 16th, more than 7 months today the status changed to Fulfilled. Basically meaning it completed assembling and testing waiting to be shipped.

Well the thing is this. I paid $684 for it. Based on today Bitcoin price $140 per BTC, my Bitcoin miner 30GH/s will make $270  a month if I get it up and running right now. If not, the difficulty level rise to over 300MIL is my prediction when I get this 30GH/s miner. Which mean I will be barely making $170 a month and it would take me more than 6 months to get my ROI, what a joke, you got to be kidding me and I’m being a little nice because in six months the difficult level will rise to 1Billion and my BFL 30GH/s will be a piece of metal hardware sitting there eating electricity. Making $10 a month just to pay for electricity.

I bet that BFL got this all figured out when they started operation to only allow the majority of the buyers to get the equipment if it would take them 6 months or so to get their ROI. Hope that KNCminer and other miner can be a little more honest, realistic and meet their commitment or exceed it, get BFL out of business.