Digital Generation DG website is down ThreadManager is down

****** Update: ThreadManager are now also up and running.
****** Update: at around 7AM Eastern time, August 16th 2013, look like website is back up. ThreadManager still down, unable to connect.


At around 6AM this morning Eastern US time August 16th 2013, both website of and ThreadManager went down, the specific error as follow.

Website status: alert

Date: 2013-08-16 05:41:19 -0500
Status code: 22 – HTTP page not retrieved. The requested url was not found or returned another error with the HTTP error code being 400 or above.

ThreadManager manager simple said attempt to connect for many times then said “Re-logon” and then “Unable to connect”

Could this be the end? that is it? – will see today if any messages will get sent out, as it is way over 24 hours since the last time posted their update saying payza issue could get resolved 24 hours or less, apparently that’s not the case, now the website is down.

For people that know about website and how it work. It is strange that the website is under maintenance for very long time, however it is possible if they’re working on re-enable with Payza. But – I can tell you this, DG Digital Generation did said something that they didn’t deliver, which was saying they will have their own processing in house payments but guess what? it never happened. Then they say that they will pay members fully, then they say negociation with payza possibly within 24 hours to start some payment, but guess what? it’s been 2 days nothing. Then now it’s getting toward over one month, also end of the week, nothing they said make sense previously, so what next? ┬áthink that people with 100 threads should be worrying, and start contacting the payza or whoever they use to spend money to buy threads and those money back, create a dispute even if it’s longer than 30 days. People whom pay by bitcoin, bad luck for you, no way ever you can get it back! However maybe people should let this week ended by Sunday and then take appropriate action.

There are sign that coingeneration isn’t operating lately, the absent of Admins in the Chat Room and off course website up and down constantly for several weeks which doesn’t make sense, and now it’s totally not working.