[Lies] Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG new news to its members paying?

The biggest question of all, will Founder Stock holder members get paid? It has been almost two months with broken promises by Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG, no payment since December 1st 2013. In mid January, members were being force to, but still have option, to give up their available funds by moving it to buy threads, basically trashing your funds and keep only $10 in order to get paid. So many members agreed to do this and they get paid $10 a day, and it was going for a couple days instant payout, but then the wallet became red, orange, green, cycling off and on, then all red for a few days up to today Coingeneration.com released new news. The 2 previous news indicate full payout on January 19th 2014 promised a month ago, did not get fulfilled, in other word lies! no surprise, because many lies already been said and done and proven visible by the majority of members already know the scheme!

So today Coingeneration.com published new news! indicating that Founders Stock Holder members will get pay fully, no longer have restriction to $10? well let’s take a step back, $10 dollar didn’t even go through smoothly, how can full payout work? It just doesn’t make sense, it’s not transparent for the members to believe. Prior to this, members questions, if payout can only be $10 a day, then why not restrict payout to $10 a day, why ask members to give up their available balance to only keep $10 in order to get paid? members had to trash the available balance they had, it’s basically trash if members been with DG long enough to understand what transferring your fund to balance to purchase threads mean. According to the chat room and many other websites indicated that, coingeneration.com manually changed the Gateway status to orange for EGOPAY and PAXUM (1 for founder) to orange, and it will stayed orange for a long long long time, like Payza which has been orange for few months now staying orange as indicating of wallet funding in progress. Well guess what? that’s what Egopay1 and paxum1 will stayed at orange for long time. It’s a trick game DG play.

For new members, many has been paid instantly, never missed a payment and in large payment up to thousands of dollars according to the gateway but some could be manually make up or bots just to motivate new members. To motivate new members to invest more and go out and refer more people, these new members need to be motivated by getting paid instantly with lots of money, they will feel motivated, trust, and start to invest more, they will refer more and more people in and cash out, and will keep doing so. Well guess what? this had been Coingeneration.com DG CG DigitalGeneration scheme for a long time, the cycle keep on repeating. There are lots of new fishes in the sea, just have to get those new fishes somehow, and one of the way is give them more baits, same concept here using by Coingeneration DigitalGeneration DG CG. Coingeneration.com will not take a loss, they will motivate new members to spend and refers, and paid to the point where the news members will get their 90% ROI back and then will be placed in the same group as older existing members, Egopay1 Paxum1 no payout! or just plain problems, one problems after another. In fact, new members probably don’t see the problems older had, such as different chat room, different members homepage, it get separated. So new members on newer chat room, and older Founder Members on old chat room where the members complaint and newer did not see, just speculation on this though. Could be on same chat room but just that newer members don’t have any problem to go in the chat room to ask for help.


Update / Market / Exclusive Opportunity
Withdrawal limitations for all founder members have been cancelled and we are currently funding our accounts to catch up with the delayed payments. Payza payouts are planned to be resumed to all members back soon! We would like to sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting for such a long time and ask for just a bit more of your precious patience. Settlement is being made from Union Bank of China and we need to meet all compliance requirements in order for the payment to be released.

Don’t forget to visit our peer-to-peer exchange the next week, website and script deployment are in process right now. We do our best to impress you (in the good meaning) with the approach we put in vision of the current market development of the Bitcoin arena. Your understanding of the DG financial ecosystem and our objectives should put an end to the “chicken and the egg” question once and for all. This should be an obvious logical conclusion when you see what kept us so busy for the last few weeks and we are more than confident that our mutual goals will be fully successfully accomplished.

DG is here for a long run and we expect to see your profits booming with the growth of our network performance which is nearly close to 51% of all Altcoins (besides Btc and Ltc) No, we are not crazy about launching of our “pseudo currency” right now as there are better opportunities that are just about to jump out of the box! Growth of adoption of BTC solely relies on its users and exchanges that have not yet so far developed an attractive, convenient and a private way to purchase BTC or other Altcoins instantly. The world doesn’t need 70 different types of crypto currencies (perhaps at the time you read this update the figure has already increased) so we’ve decided not to invent the bicycle and simply address the vital needs of the Bitcoin market first of all. It’s time for action now and we encourage our community not to miss this exclusive once in a life chance to join the revolutionary business we are about to present you! Intrigued? You should be, it looks the chances are quite high your main job will be is just to collect cash – stay tuned for the next update!

“Two roads diverge in a forest, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all difference” (Robert Frost)

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