[Manipulation method] Coingeneration.com lies never deliver what they say to do and members are trapped getting manipuated

By now most if all existing members now know they’re trapped, they can’t do anything, cannot report to authority, cannot dispute, paypal already stopped operation with IPS which tied to payment with coingeneration.com short live as expected from many knowledgeable members at coingeneration.com, there has been multiple facebook fan page about how bad coingeneration.com, mostly protest to make coingeneration pay and be honest! but all I can tell you is that it’s not going to work! based on chat room, google search, blogs,, twitters, facebook and other social network.

There isn’t much you can do, these types of business are high yield investment programs (HYIP), similar to after90days.org and many other ones have very good reputation for a short period of time and then gone, and nothing anyone can do about it, not even authority would act since the owners knows what he/she doing, no laws protect the investors with HYIP, however if enough people protest against it, authority might act, but still members will never get their money.

A few chat room members said good points:

9:42:56 PM Hari2012e: _Kirkvin_4, you already saw in the blog “promoting DG”. Now the persons who are here is only we not our referals. my(our) referals already left
9:43:22 PM Hari2012e: _Kirkvin_4, They left because they did not invest on this. But we are unable to leave becase we invested
9:57:33 PM _Kirkvin_4: No one knows how DG makes money, yet we are all here giving them our information…
9:58:03 PM Mr George Washington: TM JUST A COUNTER