[Not Paying] More an more members of coingeneration are upset loose trust disappointed

A question was asked by one of the members:



:28:13 PM SUPPORT_DG_06: WHY_NOT_PAY_ME, i will not answer you that. Sorry

By now, if you go visit coingeneration.com chat room, search on the internet about coingeneration.com, all you will find is SCAM, not paying. Although there are still a lot of people with two faces. One face was to get more referrals to their account to make money from the new victims to coingeneration.com DG. The other face is pointing toward negativity about coingeneration.com which is truth. So these people are fooling new users members to buy threads at the same time beating up on coingeneration.com to pay, but doesn’t work.

In the chat room, on the internet blog and forums, reviews HYIP where ever coingeneration.com exist, there are more and more negativity now than before, in fact 99% negative, not paying, closing, scam. Coingeneration.com appear to be using manipulation approach, forcing members have to choice but to keep on reinvest buying more threads until you reach 99 threads and you will be hanging, you can’t do anything, complaining isn’t going to help. In fact if you complaint or ask questions about it, you will get ignored, and sometime even banned. Those SUPPORT_DG people in the chat are probably one person, one owner, doing all the duties, tricking and fooling people, it’s 8 hours job or even less. Get people’s money pay then $1 for a few days and then use manipulation approach forcing members have no choice but to reinvest and chances are people will never see their money again. You’re running thread manager paying for electricity paying money to coingeneration.com and you get nothing out of it and on top of that you’re loosing money on electricity and your computer is compromised with this threadmanager running and you can’t work well with it running.

People are now realize it’s too late, yes, not realize it a scam, but they’ve gone passed that stage of scam, and now it’s way late to get refund. Since there’s a 7 days refund but no one ever successful got their refund. Coingeneration.com DG staff SUPPORT_DG are laughing at the members and they don’t even realize it, HAHAH you got fooled. Bottom line all the payment processors are irreversible, except for paypal might just be a set up for more people buy and trust coingeneration.com but it turns out also a trap, already set up and coingeneration.com will use it as a reason they unable to operate optimally.

If you’re still with coingeneration.com you must he hard headed and still have hope.  For new users if you paid threads $50 each threads you must be stupid sorry to say that, you soon have done your homework, search around on the internet.